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Skills and Qualifications

As a woman who was once on the receiving end of coaching support just like this, I value life experience and relatability above certificates. I truly believe that the reason I can provide you with the best support, is because I've been where you are and I am only a few steps ahead of you now.

Having said that, qualifications are still important and as you can see, I have quite a few of them. One of my core values is continuous learning and I will always endeavour to arm myself with the best skills that align with me and my coaching methods so I can support you in the best possible way.



Coach and Practitioner

NLP is a collection of strategies that help us to understand and change the language we use, how it influences our behaviour and what happens as a result.

I blend these tools and techniques into our coaching in order to help you change and reframe thought patterns, help you over come fears and emotional challenges; and break through beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you.

NLP when used in coaching is a powerful tool for self development and personal growth.


Master Healer

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique. It uses the life force energy that flows through our bodies seven energy centres (chakras), to heal emotional, physical and mental symptoms that occur as a result of the energy becoming  blocked, disrupted or being out of balance.

As a reiki master healer I do not offer traditional healing sessions but instead, I incorporate the fundamentals of reiki into my coaching so I can help you understand how your energy centres impact your overall health and wellbeing so you can learn to manage them for yourself.

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Circle Facilitator

Women have been coming together for thousands of years to connect, share and support one another through their triumphs and troubles in life.

As a trained circle facilitator, I hold space for groups of women who are looking for a safe, supportive space where they can process, manage and heal their emotions.

Circle activities include guided meditations and visualisation exercises, journaling, sharing and compassionate listening.

Please email me at for more information on upcoming circles and how you can attend them.


Master Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Therapy also commonly referred to as 'tapping' is a powerful therapy strategy that involves tapping on certain parts of the body to help release negative emotions and energy trapped in our body.

By tapping on specific parts of your body that are connected to the meridian (energy pathways) network, you can put your mind into a relaxed and balanced state. When in this state I then help you address negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs and fears that hold you back and either minimise or eliminate them.

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Teacher (in training)

Qualification date - October 2023


Coming Soon

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