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As much as I want you to know how I can support you, I also want you to know why I want to support you.

For almost two decades I was living what I now know to have been a lie. What I mean is that somewhere between childhood and entering my 20's I became someone who was so disconnected from her true self that she started living a life fuelled by limiting beliefs, expectation and societal norms.

This life took me down a path of people pleasing, self sabotage, self destructive behaviours and my health and wellbeing suffered significantly as a result.

The further away from my truth I got, the less I believed in myself and the more my self worth dissipated until over time I was so empty I no longer wanted to exist.

I went to some really dark places, hit countless rock bottoms and caused a lot of damage not just to myself, but to those around me as well. Until I finally decided to choose differently.

Because that's the thing. It had to be a choice. I had to choose a different path and I am still choosing that path to this day. What makes that choice is easier is that I found a way to reconnect to my true self again. The version of me that I pushed way into the background all those many years ago.

And once I did that I embarked on a whole other journey. One of self discovery, introspection and reflection. I got to know myself on a soul level and started making decisions and taking action from there.

Although it has come with its ups and down, this journey is now one where I feel so aligned with my life I don't recognise the person I once was. I am still a work in progress, we all are, but I now trust myself, see my worth and have created a life I am passionate.

And even though I ignored it for so long, I always had a niggling feeling that my purpose in life was to help and serve others in some way. I just didn't know how exactly. But when I went on my own soul alignment journey I realised this is what I was meant to do. This is why I went through every thing I went through. This was and is my calling. To help woman who are as lost as I was, reconnect to their true selves so they too can create a life they love and deserve.

This is my purpose. And now I get to help you find yours.

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